Mpow 12000mAh External Battery Pack $30 with Free Shipping has Mpow 12000mAh External Battery Pack for $29.99 with $9 off coupon code “PB31MPOW”. Shipping is free.

12000mAh High Capacity Power Bank, Dual USB Port.

Extremely slim, convenient for casual use, entertainment, business trip and travel. High capacity of 12000mAh fully meets the daily demand of all digital devices. Dual USB ports support two devices charging simultaneously.

High Quality Samsung Battery Core, Ensure Battery Discharge Durative.

Made of Samsung polymer battery core, have a much longer discharge performance than regular 12000mAh batteries.
Extraordinary portable power bank require most powerful battery core, which determine the quality of the power bank. Polymer battery core is the most advanced technology battery core by far, it contains lot of merits: never explode, safe; Astonishing 800 charge-discharge time, its application life is 1.6 time longer than normal battery core; quantity of charge doesn’t have a Significantly decreased after 3 years of constantly use.

Intelligent Electrical Circuitry, Self Protection

Built-in intelligent circuitry, which provide 7 layers of protection: Battery over charge; Battery over discharge; High voltage charge; High current charge; High power charge over heat; Short circuit.

Intelligent Hibernation Function

Will auto turn into hibernation mode in 40s if not working, minimize power dissipation. Even you shelve it for one year, it still can function normally for your devices. It reserves power for you.

High Quality Alloy Case, The lightest and thinnest power bank in the world!

Alloy case, With simple concept, perfect match with iphone ipad. Metal case is radiation-proof, making life safer! And metal material abstract heat more effectively, therefor heat radiation is at least 50% less than similar product.

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