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“Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” – Name: Austin Danger Powers. Sex: Yes, please! Combine the swinging ’60s, spy movies, talented Mike Myers in dual roles and one hilariously well-placed champagne bottle and you get “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery”. Say “Yeah, baby!” for laughs as Flower Power-era superspy Austin is thawed from a 30-year cryogenic freeze to stop the world-dominating scheme of bald baddie Dr. Evil. Elizabeth Hurley, shagadelic style and Austin’s randy attempts to find ’60s-style free love in a very different, uptight time add to the groovy fun of this mad, mod, Myers world. “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” – He’s back – back in the 1960s. Secret agent Austin Powers hops in a top-secret time machine and zips 30 years back to 1969 to confront Dr. Evil and his latest, vilest scheme. Evil is eviler – he has a diminutive clone Mini-Me and massive Fat Bastard as henchmen. Austin, who “put the grrr in swinger, baby,” is swingier…if he and fab spy chick Felicity Shagwell can recover the mojo Evil stole from Austin. “Goldmember” – The mission for Austin: Shake booty into the glittery roller-disco days of 1975 and rescue his suave spy dad from the scheme of – Shh! – Dr. Evil. The minions: freaky-flakey Goldmember, Fat Bastard and Mini Me. The minx: Austin’s sassy ex-squeeze Foxxy Cleopatra. The result: a three-for-all of grooviness that whisks from the 2000s to the 1970s and back to the 2000s – the screamingly funny third Austin Powers.

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