Beyblade: Evolution Collector’s Edition w/ Wing Pegasus (3DS) $6.40 (w/ VISA Checkout) + Free Shipping has Beyblade: Evolution Collector’s Edition w/ Wing Pegasus (3DS) for $5.99 – 10% w/ promo code VISACHECKOUT (must use VISA checkout) = $5.39. Shipping is $0.99.

Join Ginka and friends as you learn to handle the power of BEYBLADE and become the ultimate BEYBLADE champion! Based on the best-selling BEYBLADE: Metal Fury TV series and toy range, BEYBLADE: Evolution lets you create your very own BEYBLADE just like the toy range. Along the way, you will encounter familiar faces from the TV series, including Ginka and Ryuga, who will challenge and train you to become a stronger blader. Battle the computer or your friends with the BEYBLADE you create, upgrading it as you progress with over 500 pieces available and unlocking more powerful spirits! With a whole host of familiar characters to help you on your way, BEYBLADE: Evolution is the ultimate BEYBLADE companion that merges the TV series and toy range into one pulsating game. Plus, if you manage to collect all the component pieces, you unlock the deadly Samurai Ifrit BEYBLADE from the brand new Shogun Steel series!

Create Your Own BEYBLADE – Collect, customize and compete with your very own BEYBLADE.

Ultimate Reality – Battle your friends and foes in a virtual stadium using the 3DS AR card reader.

Friendly Faces – Visit familiar characters from the TV series and experience the story mode directly related to both the toy and TV series.

Battle For Real – The 3DS mimics real launcher mechanics, making BEYBLADE: Evolution the most realistic BEYBLADE game ever.

Tantalizing Options – over 500 component parts allow you to create your own unique BEYBLADE.

Serious Training – hone your technique by playing any of the six randomly generated mini-games.

Bridge the gap to the all-new BEYBLADE: Shogun Steel series – unlock the next generation Samurai Ifrit W145CF BEYBLADE.

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