Denon S-32 Wireless Internet Radio with iPod Dock for $129 Free Shipping offers the Denon S-32 Wireless Internet Radio with iPod Dock for $129 with free shipping. The Denon S-32 wireless network music system with built-in speakers and 2-alarm clock, one of Denon’s first two networked audio products, delivers a smart way to play music from your computer throughout the home. The WiFi certified S-32 offers the ability to stream music either via Ethernet, or wirelessly, from internet radio sources and other network attached storage devices such as PC or Mac computers on the network. The S-32 built-in speakers were targeted to have internationally accepted sound reproduction that is excellent for music with a powerful bass response. Its mono-out allows the use of separate subwoofer of one’s choice if ever required. The S-32 comes with a clock with two alarms with auto clock set-and-adjust via internet, and FM/AM radio as well as a built-in dock for iPod for easy drop-in functionality.

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