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Entertainment Earth: 33% Off Rebel Frankenstein 9-Inch Figure Convention 2014 Exclusive at $30 offers Rebel Frankenstein 9-Inch Figure Convention 2014 Exclusive at $30 Only. Shipping is free for all orders $79 or more. Offer expires 09/24/2014.

Rebel Frankenstein 9-Inch Figure Convention 2014 Exclusive:
Under the full moon on a quiet yet treacherous mountain pass, a single headlight pierces the inky darkness. An engine roars. Tires squeal. A solitary figure speeds past; all the girls want him, all the guys want to be him, and one scientist wants him to get back to the lab ASAP. He is the;Rebel Frankenstein! Assembled on the wrong side of the lab, this Frankenstein has attitude! He stands a monstrous 9-inches tall and features a sleeveless leather vest with his insignia, a real metal wallet chain on his belt, and a tattoo on his bicep. This limited edition monster is cast in a mysteriously translucent green plastic and features ten points of articulation. This Mezco Summer Exclusive is a limited edition. Ages 15 and up.

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