Entertainment Earth: Pre-Oder Beetlejuice Deluxe Adult Latex Mask with Hair

beetlejuiceEntertainmentEarth.com offers pre-order of Beetlejuice Deluxe Adult Latex Mask with Hair at $49.99. Shipping is free on orders over $79 or more. The mask is perfect for the coming Halloween. Pre-order now and they will deliver in Oct, 2014.

Bring this famed otherworldly miscreant to life with the Beetlejuice Deluxe Adult Latex Mask with Hair. Become one with the infamous bio-exorcist ghost, as portrayed by Michael Keaton, when you don this mask! Made for ease of wear, the latex stretches for comfort. In order to be as authentic as possible, this Beetlejuice mask includes his wild hair. The mask is made for ease of wear so the latex will stretch for comfort. A more authentic look than many Beetlejuice masks available. Turn on the juice and see what shakes loose this Halloween!

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