Forza Horizon 2 Day One Edition (Xbox One) $39.99 + Free Shipping

Horizon 2Best Buy via eBay has Forza Horizon 2 Day One Edition (Xbox One) on sale for $39.99. Shipping is free.

Imagine you could slide into the driver’s seat of one of the most advanced, high-speed, pulse-raising cars in the world and compete in the most elite races, tour the signs of Europe and even get a little messy with intense off-roading action. Even better, what if you had your choice of dozens of the cars of your dreams, all waiting to take you on the ride of a lifetime? Drivers, rev your engines and wait for the signal — it’s time to hit the road and floor it across one of the world’s most historic continents.

Plunge into the fast-paced world of open-road racing with Forza Horizon 2 as you take the wheel of a variety of the greatest cars ever made. Get behind the wheel of more than 200 vehicles, including extreme off-roaders, modern supercars, classic muscle and more, all with authentic interiors and full cockpit views. Compete in races, seek out hidden treasures or unlock exciting bucket list challenges with versatile gameplay. Journey throughout a beautiful European landscape in road trip career mode, which includes hundreds of events that adapt in response to your choice of car. Liven things up by heading off the highways and plowing through fields and forests, smashing through fences and discovering shortcuts. Test the power of your car and your driving skills against aircrafts and trains in Showcase events. Prove your dominance as you compete at the Horizon Festival and ensure your place in this history of racing. Get online to form teams, go head-to-head in races and explore with friends or work together in fun-filled co-op challenges. Conquer the leaderboards and expand your network by joining Car Clubs of up to 1,000 members. Even when your racing buddies aren’t available, Drivatar technology allows you to race against them in solo play. Enjoy a super-realistic driving experience thanks to the Forza graphics engine, which renders day-to-night cycles, dynamic weather conditions and lifelike lighting in breathtaking 1080p resolution. You can feel the hum of the engine and the excitement in the air — are you ready to put the pedal down?

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