Gladiator 30″ Wall Mount GearBox Garage Cabinet $99.96 + Free Store Pickup has Gladiator 30″ Wall Mount GearBox Garage Cabinet (GAWG302DRG) on sale for $99.96 with free store pickup.

The Gladiator 30′ Wall Gear Box is one of the best looking, highly convenient storage units you’ll ever find. Gone are the days of unsightly overflowing toolboxes and messy cramped spaces. They’ve been gladly replaced by this sophisticated, versatile storage system. Whether you own a construction business or a garage that need reorganizing, the gear box will help you store away tools and other materials you need out of your sight. It features 2 shelves that you can adjust for 6 possible placements. You can pack in as much as you need because it holds loads of up to 200 pounds.

The Wall Gear Box is great for storing your more valuable tools or potentially dangerous items. You can use the keys to lock them safely away. Its unique magnetic latching does adds security by making sure doors are closed tight. It’s a good looking piece of furniture, with a rugged plate exterior finished with powder coated steel.

  • Keep tools, valuable items and harmful items safely away in this striking Gladiator 30′ Wall Gear Box
  • Versatile storage system features 2 shelves to adjust for 6 possible placements…

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