Mechanix Wear Zone 2 Cold Weather Gloves $12.99 with Free Shipping has Mechanix Wear Zone 2 Cold Weather Gloves at $12.99 with Free Shipping.

The Climate Control Zone 2 glove provides top notch wind resistance and durable cold weather protection. The snug fitting design combines the warmth and breath ability of fleece with the added benefit of our specially designed wind resistant lining. Wide neoprene closure forms better around the wrist, keeping out cold and providing better comfort and protection.

The entire palm is covered by Genuine Leather for improved grip and added protection. Genuine Leather is supple yet durable and only gets better as you wear it. Nothing beats the soft comfort of fleece for providing extra warmth in cold weather conditions. Its combination of insulating properties, natural comfort, durability and wind resistance make this fleece ideal for cold and windy conditions.

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